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I survived the outing with only a slight headache. I’m so relieved it went so well… not sure how I managed… but then I never really know how I manage to give anyone any measure of a good impression so


Truncate-snouted Burrowing Frog - Glyphoglossus molossus 

This bizarre frog is known by several common names, such as Balloon Frog, Blunt-headed Burrowing Frog, Truncate-snouted Burrowing Frog, and Broad-lipped Frog. Its scientific name is Glyphoglossus molossus and belongs to the Microhylidae Family. 

These frogs spend the majority of their time underground but emerge with seasonal rains to breed. The species occurs in north-central Myanmar through most of mainland Thailand through Laos to southern Vietnam.

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Photo credit: ©Apisit Wilaijit | Locality: Chian Mai, Thailand (2014) | [Top] - [Bottom]

(via reptila-tequila)