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A peryton is a mythological creature with the body of a stag and the wings and hindquarters of a bird. It is said to cast the shadow of a man until it kills one during its lifetime, from then on it casts its true shadow. 


my ride

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Tim, the Australian Cattle Dog pup. Follow @ tntadventures on instagram, for cute photos of Tim and Thatcher!


Tim, the Australian Cattle Dog pup. 

Follow @ tntadventures on instagram, for cute photos of Tim and Thatcher!

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Ok, I think I got a good team for the April Friendly! It’s not perfect but it’s fun, a little bit surprising and overcomes the fact that I have not bred any Pokémon in Gen 6 :’) Since the competition only starts on Friday I’ll have some time to play around a bit with one member or another, but I think I’m pretty much set; I actually bothered to get all 6 mons (some not even EV trained… oops) but I only really use the same 3 each time :P Gonna try and get my favorite trollmon ever by then too, Unaware Quagsire B) Everybody thinks they can set up on Quagsire, not realizing he does not give a dime about your fancy Swords Dances and Geomancies. He just chills and Stockpiles in their faces, and then when the opponent decides to attack they’re like, WHAT??? ONLY THAT MUCH DAMAGE?? I still need to perfect his moveset though.

Showdown is so much fun to train on, you don’t even know. I’m really happy with how my team with only a single Pokémon that has perfect IVs (…and it’s not like it really counts because it’s a Ditto and Ditto only need HP IVs so) has been faring so well. Like, I lose a bit, but not much; there’s a couple of mons that give me some trouble but I CAN deal with them generally.

I can’t wait ;w;

Not to mention being fat isn’t even necessarily detrimental to one’s health. My grandma is overweight and she goes to the doctor plenty and while she has health concerns like every senior normally would they aren’t related to her weight in any way






friendly reminder that giving smokers shit is the same as fat shaming (◡‿◡✿)

friendly reminder that second-hand smoking damages the people around you by making them inhale carbon monoxide and carcinogenic chemical compounds linked to diseases such as lung cancer and childhood leukaemia and can cause pregnant women to lose their baby whereas second-hand eating isn’t even a thing (◡‿◡✿)

reblogging for the second friendly reminder

I think the original point was supposed to be about dictating other peoples’ lifestyle choices

but boyyyyy did they ever pick all the wrong examples for it

I think the other original point was supposed to be about people making other people’s health too much their concern and telling them to change said lifestyle choices “for their health”

But yeah, smoking is not just YOUR health

Bad example

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ill337erate asked: How about Ninetails, Delphox and Zoroark?



shiny mega delphox

u got it

used this delphox instead of the one on our giant sprite sheet, http://galifiastudios.deviantart.com/art/Delphox-B-W-sprite-Front-and-Back-410518574